Our Products

Carbone Bros is your source for bulk building materials in the South West. Our fleet offers delivery of an extensive range of materials to your site at very competitive rates. 

Our deliveries range from 1 metre loads for garden and household needs up to bulk volumes for large construction jobs. 

Fill Sand

Carbone Brothers 'Fill Sand' is used to fill large areas. This may contain sticks and debrie as it is not screened.

Plastering Sand

Carbone Brothers 'Plastering Sand' is screened and used for rendering.

Gravel Rock

Carbone Brothers 'Gravel Rock' (Coffee Rock). Excellent for rock walls etc. Sizes are approximately basketball size. 

Agricultural Lime

Carbone Brothers 'Agricultural Lime' is used for crop and pasture production. Product information sheet...

Phone: Michael Carbone 0418 931517

Limestone 19mm

Carbone Brothers 'Limestone 19mm' is used for compacting driveways and footpaths to a hard surface.

Limestone 75mm

Carbone Brothers 'Limestone 75mm' is used for road construction.

Limestone Rubble
50-100mm all in

Carbone Brothers 'Limestone rubble is used for rock spall drainage. 

Brickies Sand

Carbone Brothers 'Brickies Sand' is yellow and white screened building sand, suitable for mixing concrete and bricklaying mortar. Also a good base for paving and a good base for water tanks.
Also known as 'Concrete Sand'. 

 White Sand

Carbone Brothers 'White Sand' specifically used for school play pits.

 White Coarse  Sand

Carbone Brothers 'Course White Sand' suitable for horse arenas.

Road Base

Carbone Brothers 'Gravel Road Base' is used for a compacting product for driveways etc.

Limestone Chips
37mm & 19mm

Carbone Brothers 'Limestone Chips' is used for retaining or garden beds. 

Limestone 37mm

Carbone Brothers 'Limestone 37mm' is used for footpaths. Under paving as a base, laneways for dairy farmers etc.

Limestone Blocks

Carbone Brothers 'Limestone Blocks 300x300 x 500Long'.

Basalt 14mm
(Blue Metal)

Carbone Brothers 'Basalt 14mm' (Blue Metal). Used for ...

Basalt 50mm
(Blue Metal)

Carbone Brothers 'Basalt 50mm' Railway Ballast (Blue Metal). Used for Raiway lines ...

Washed Fines 5mm

Carbone Brothers 'Washed Fines 5mm' - HOLCIM  is used for Horse Arena's, 

Limestone Rocks

Carbone Brothers 'Limestone Rocks' approx 300mm is used for limestone walls, flower beds and welded mesh walls.

Gravel -
Limestone Mix


Carbone Brothers 'Gravel/Limestone Mix' is already mixed for your cementing needs, just add concrete and water. 

Basalt 20mm
(Blue Metal)

Carbone Brothers 'Basalt 20mm' Single size Basalt (Blue Metal). Used for drainage to allow water to soak away. Used in concrete mixes with sand. Also used as a decorative stone in garden beds. 

Basalt Road Base
(Blue Metal)

Carbone Brothers 'Basalt Road Base' (Blue Metal).