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St John Of Gods Hospital


Dear Steve,

What can I say but a sincere thank you for you looking after us in this fashion.  You have been more than fair. I have communicated this to our senior management who also express their gratitude.

I have to say that senior management were not surprised at your actions as Carbone are certainly held in high regard.

With regards to the slip lane ideally the whole slip road should be line hatched preferably in yellow. Please let me know if this is an issue.

Again with thanks



Nigel Page | Combined Facilities Manager/Engineer
St John of God Bunbury Hospital

Appreciation - Thank you!


To the two Carbone Bros workers who are currently working on the Eaton Fair Roadworks Project.


I was trying to get across the road this morning with my 2 sons and a pram. You directed the traffic and escorted my children and I safely across the road and I am truely thankful for your assistance and genuine courtesy. 


Deanna White
8th October 2014

Manea Senior College


Thank you for your continued support of our 'Workplace Learning Program'.


We look forward to growing our relationship further with you.